Hello, I am Mette Boesgaard, an illustrator based in Copenhagen with experience in both traditional and digital mediums. I’ve been drawing since childhood, and it’s a passion that has stuck with me. My artistic style is a distinctive fusion of graphic rawness and refined elegance. I work with pencil, ink, pixels, and love – all blended with various mixed media.

My journey in this field has been shaped by a diverse range of projects, and my background as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, educated at The Graphic
Arts Institute of Denmark has equipped me with a wide-ranging skill set. This dual proficiency not only enriches my illustrative work but also provides me with a
understanding of the technical aspects involved in various projects.

Situated just north of Copenhagen, my studio serves as the creative hub where my illustrations come to life. Over the years, I’ve taken on a multitude of projects, ranging from magazines to colossal 36-meter-long illustrations and comprehensive campaigns with diverse illustrative elements. My experience is marked by versatility, adapting to various creative challenges and contributing to a broad spectrum of projects.

If you have a specific project in mind or would like to discuss potential collaborations, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Elle Denmark · Elle International · L’Oréal · Cartier · Hugo Boss · Benefit · Glass Magazine · By Malene Birger · Magasin du Nord · Pandora · Rudolph Care · Maanesten · Elle Style Awards DK · Tivoli · Tromborg etc.

Get in touch

contact (at ) metteboesgaard.com
(+45) 2970 2918
Instagram: (at) metteboesgaard.dk
Tik Tok: Illustrator_Metteb
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